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Billion over ten thousand orders shacman opener January

2014 is the start shacman achieve goals billion years , a good beginning is crucial. In accordance with the annual work policy "transformation development, the pursuit of excellence" , civilian , military , import and export company of three common marketing department and production systems development effort , the new year will be staged with a soul-stirring good " play ."

Group sales companies focus on strategic objectives, advance planning, from the resources , marketing, service , and many other well enough prepared. Through differentiated marketing new models , in-depth research and the potential opportunities and customer product life cycle the whole process of mining operations , to provide users with comprehensive overall solution , the value of marketing to promote a new model , based on customer needs to create customer value mining and recycling core services to achieve significantly improved sales.

Military Department on the one hand to the project as the starting point, and vigorously promote the product improvement ; on the other hand , focus on the initiative to visit the troops and timely solutions to problems arising from the use , make shacman military to get the best reputation in the industry to high-quality services, and promote a steady improvement in sales.

Import and export companies face a changing world political , economic, financial and other risks and complex trading environment for ensuring the realization of the 2014 export target for each market carefully planned , implemented a policy of a country . By adjusting product structure, increase of new products and new energy vehicles to promote efforts to expand network coverage , and actively promote the global standardization of the service system , standardize channel management, marketing, value-conscious , innovative business models to meet user needs, inspire teams and other endogenous motivation measures to boost export target to achieve speed.

Production System is committed to " collaborative manufacturing ," deep-seated identify and meet customer needs , to break the limitations of conventional services to flexible production and rapid response as a pillar to improve all aspects of the service system , expand service extension work-based , high-quality , high efficiency to meet the individual needs of the market and the users , so that production work quality and productivity have been effectively improved. Through innovation, extending the scope of services of the service process , so in January on-time delivery rate of 99.21% for the year to achieve production targets successfully laid the foundation.

At present, the whole company are in -depth implementation of the congress spirit as a guide, set off a big boom, the marketing system and strive to redouble their efforts to seize opportunities and create greater success .

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