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SHACMAN party central study group to carry out

August 5th , party secretary and chairman Fang Hongwei chaired SHACMAN party central study group seminars, learning the provincial government leadership SHACMAN half operating instructions of the situation , the central and provincial party's mass line on educational practice activities deployment , the central and provincial government the spirit of recent important meeting .

Fang Hongwei led center group first learned about Lou , Sun Qingyun , Ma Zhongping , Li Jinzhu other provincial leaders on the situation on the SHACMAN half operating instructions . Provincial leaders affirmed SHACMAN macroeconomic situation in the case of complex and challenging to obtain good performance , while Lou governor personally wrote " to accelerate the development of the automobile industry to create new economic pillar " article on the next stage of development , higher SHACMAN expectations.

General Secretary Xi Jinping meeting studied the Party's mass line conference on educational practice important speech and carry out the Party's mass line provincial educational practice deployment , recalling the Party's mass line formation and development , and to SHACMAN itself to carry out the mass line activities of the arrangements . The meeting stressed , SHACMAN Party's mass line educational practice should take strategy as a priority and do three aspects: First, the leading cadres should set an example, as a top priority of the strategic transformation ; two innovative idea is to explore ways in changing the style and work hard , seek practical results ; third is to mobilize grass-roots enthusiasm of the staff , wholeheartedly rely on employees to promote transformation and development.

Meeting to learn the national organizational meeting , the provincial twelve Third Plenary Session of Weichai spirit medium-term strategy seminar , stressed that: first , SHACMAN to combine a self-development training to officers , to officers, stewards , do nothing of cadres. Second, the second half of the economic work to fully grasp the " steady worry ," the macroeconomic situation , firmly establish the " steady progress " strategic thinking , the correct planning " steady and promising " development measures , the stock transfer structure Teng space incremental excellent structural expansion space . Third, China 's economic future will enter a "steady down " range, but the Internet economy , new energy industries and service industries have good potential for development, transformation and upgrading of domestic enterprises will increasingly urgent desire , and do a good job operating the enterprise transformation the premise and foundation , the basis of transformation in turn operate better release value and vitality, therefore , excellent operating system is the key to successful strategic transformation . In this regard , the meeting reached consensus on seven : one to make strategic adjustments , changing business ideas , upgrades, backward industries ; two enterprises to actively identify risk points , improve internal operational control efficiency ; Third, we must reserve cash flow , good for five years operation simulation ; four strict cost control, to take all measures to reduce unnecessary waste ; Fifth, we must master the core technology to provide competitive products and services ; six pay attention to product quality, to establish an effective quality control of long-term mechanism can ; seven to establish an evaluation mechanism , active attrition, control personnel growth.

Fang Hongwei cited economists saying - "Winter will come, but when spring comes you are still ", underscoring wholeheartedly do enhance the transformation operators played an important supporting role , requiring central group members to challenge themselves, the courage to play , to become the vanguard of corporate restructuring and upgrading .


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