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SHACMAN Leadership Conference held

August 6 morning, when incumbent Vice President of Changan Trust , Ph.D. in economics , worked in Xi'an Jiaotong University , Shaanxi Institute of Finance and taught for a decade of experience in brokerage and trust for the End of Professor Xu Qian , " the Combination of thinking" special report after the venue sounded applause. Many leaders raised their hands to speak , for his work Professor Xiang Xuqian ask the Combination of methods , ideas , interactive frequent and enthusiastic. This is the company leadership ( expand ) appeared at the scene .

August 5 to 7 , SHACMAN leaders will be held in Xi'an , the meeting by the chairman and party secretary Fang Hongwei chair. Around one hundred billion Shaanqi discuss planning, research each area development strategy, planning, product , formulate specific measures to deal with the current situation , arrangements for business operations management priorities , deployment transformation priorities , reporting enterprise culture demonstration base construction and other issues , the leadership launched intense study and discussion. In order to broaden their horizons, develop ideas , the meeting also invited Xu Qian, Li Gang and other famous economics, management expert instruction , explain the Internet of Things and the era of big data business model thinking with the automotive industry and other frontiers of knowledge .

After the study, one hundred billion Shaanqi session on the development strategy , development planning reached a common understanding in the realization of one hundred billion Shaanqi emphasize the process , according to the expansion of the core competencies rather than the expansion of the principle of land and people to choose the field of development , to do something .

Operational control for the next key , the meeting stressed : one must be determined to reduce costs ; Second, we must optimize the product structure ; three strict quality management ; four performance management should implement at the grassroots level ; Fifth, we must focus on loop-through , the radius of the company's operations status quo, to enhance the development of specific measures ; six budget should carefully analyze the causes of deviations in a timely manner to plug the loopholes , standardize management, improve budget execution seriousness.

It was noted that , at present, companies are in transition to a service -oriented manufacturing critical period , all departments should stand in a long-term perspective of enterprise development to support and cooperate with the process of transition of new business development . Specific commitment to the transformation and upgrading of new business departments to broaden their horizons and the courage to try , dare to innovate , to always "concerned about the product lifecycle , customer focus operation of the whole process ," as a guide, look for companies in the market, after all possible business opportunities. Have identified a new business , to careful planning , steadily, and quickly realize the commercialization and the formation of scale , service-oriented manufacturing enterprises to become a strong support for transformation .

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