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SHACMAN won the national automotive industry's first "natio

One, dump corrosive wear
Fuel in the truck engine combustion chamber will produce many harmful substances, generally every 100 gallons oil combustion will produce 1-5 pounds of nitrogen and sulfuric acid, these substances not only will the cylinder cause corrosion, but also through the three rings (top, middle, bottom ring) went to the engine, the main components of the truck engine, such as metal corrosion caused by the cam crank, this corrosion oil can not be used alone to eliminate.
Second, dump truck rusting wear
Dump truck after stopping the engine from high temperature cooling to a low temperature, the temperature change process will dump water condensable gas generated inside the engine as well as water. This would cause serious engine metal corrosion, especially to start again a short distance truck engine running, the engine temperature had a chance to evaporate the water and gas, the situation is even worse. This is also the lubricant can not be solved.
Third, strong wear and tear caused by dust dump truck
Dump truck engine intake air required for combustion, even the best air filtration devices is difficult to absolutely avoid the dust with the air sucked into the truck engine. As a result the dust is inhaled, the wear, such wear is the lubricant can not be completely eliminated. Especially in China drought, large areas of sand, wear this strong performance even more prominent.
Four, dump cold start dry friction
August 10, by the China Enterprise Confederation and China Entrepreneurs Association's 2013 National Corporate Culture (SHACMAN) spot in the historic city of Xi'an was held, Shaanxi Automotive Holdings Group Limited (hereinafter referred to as "SHACMAN") was awarded the " National corporate culture demonstration base "title. SHACMAN become a national car (vehicle) industry's first "National Demonstration Base corporate culture." China Enterprise Confederation resident vice president Yin Yuanping, China Enterprise Confederation, executive vice president in Kyrgyzstan, contact the Office of the State Council, the SASAC Deputy Director Industry Association Zhang Tao, former vice president of Peking University, Zhang Guo, deputy party secretary of Shaanxi Province, the SASAC Shaohua, China Railway Enterprise Management Association vice president Yincheng Ren, Shaanxi Entrepreneurs Association executive vice president Katsuaki other comrades attended the meeting segment and is SHACMAN national corporate culture demonstration base opening.
SHACMAN established in 1968, is an important manufacturing enterprises and new energy commercial production company, is military heavy military off-road vehicle production base and export base in the first car company with Yan'an, Delong and other independent brands, where " Yan'an "brand heavy military off-road vehicles has participated in the 35th anniversary of the National Day, the 50th anniversary and the 60th anniversary military parade. Today SHACMAN product range has grown from a single heavy military off-road vehicle extended to heavy military off-road vehicles, heavy trucks, medium and light trucks, and medium-sized buses, mini buses and other commercial vehicles full range of fields; market structure from the domestic extended to more than 80 countries worldwide and regions; business scope from traditional energy sources to expand into new energy vehicles, and occupied the commanding heights of technological and industrial development; technology research and development from the introduction of technology-based innovation; industrial manufacture of products ranging from a single extended to manufacturing and service both , SHACMAN Holdings has three lines from the weak development of military enterprises with an annual sales revenue exceeded 30 billion yuan of large commercial vehicles business group.
After forty five years of development training, practical work, today, SHACMAN has formed a complete system of German culture. "Germany to win the world" is a highly condensed SHACMAN culture. Germany, for employees, is to voluntarily do the right thing; to the organization, is to compete in the market environment, the company's internal and external resources and potential into full play to the limit. German cultural connotations as: Heaven, knowing Fuji, but winning is executed. SHACMAN German culture is characterized by a cylindrical side. External To accommodate the pursuit of harmony. Foreign positive commitment to social responsibility, enterprise sustained, rapid and healthy development, and ensuring state-owned assets, value-added; construction of green plants, sewage, waste gas reaches zero emissions; manufacture green products, leading the development of low-carbon economy. Internal to rigorous, advocating specification. Strict internal management, standardized; company operations management and control system and efficient operation, to achieve high standards, high efficiency and high efficiency, full pursuit of excellence. German culture embodied in the customers: the full implementation of service-oriented manufacturing strategy, focus on product life cycle, focusing on customer operation of the whole process, not only to provide superior customer heavy truck products, but also provide customers with integrated profitable solution services. Continuously create and enhance customer value; employees: people-oriented, so that employees maximize their potential and creativity to make employees and businesses grow; right partners: sincere cooperation and common development, the pursuit of win-win situation; society: excellence to serve the country, support national economic construction and national defense construction; manufacturing green products, leading the low-carbon economy; committed to its social responsibility, feedback, and social returns; to shareholders: In order to create attractive shareholder returns; government: to achieve business continuity and fast healthy development, to ensure that state-owned assets and increase the value for the state and local economic development and make greater contributions. 

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